Grants and projects at KAA (2011-2013)Registration numberPeriod
Creative Writing at KAA (principal investigator dr. Livingstone)(IGA) FF_2013_0622013
Translation Quality Assessment (principal investigator dr. Zehnalová)(IGA) FF_2012_0692012-2013
Ivan Poldauf, the Founder of English Studies in Olomouc (principal investigator dr. Martinková)(IGA) FF_2012_0302012-2013
Chapters in Contemporary Canadian Literature (principal investigator Mgr. Fonfárová)(IGA) FF_2012_0192012
Scottish Gothic Fiction (principal investigator Mgr. Gregorová)(IGA) FF_2012_0182012
Literature and Film without Borders: Deployment and Relocation in the Plural Space (principal investigator prof. Arbeit)(ESF) CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.01502012-2014
Interdisciplinary Philological Innovation of Translatology Modules at the Philosophical Faculty, Palacký University (principal investigator dr. Král)(ESF) CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.00952012-2015
Language Diversity and Communication  (principal investigator doc. Veselovská)(ESF) CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.00612012-2014
Innovation of Philological Study Programmes in Accordance with the Needs of the Job Market (principal investigator ing. Grigárková, KAA dr. Pazderová)(ESF) CZ.1.07/2.200/15.02912011-2013
Contemporary Czech Grammar (principal investigator prof. Uličný. KAA doc. Veselovská, dr. Martinková)(ESF) CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.02752011-2013
Introduction to Lexical Semantics (dr. Martinková)FRVŠ 16852011
Text Construction and Text Analysis from a Translator's Viewpoint (Mgr. Molnár)FRVŠ 2123/2011/G52011
Scottish Prose in the years 1900 - 1980 (dr. Jelínková, dr. Flajšarová)(IGA) FF 2011 0252011
Text as a Dynamic Interplay of Textual Parameters and Linguistic Means (Mgr. Molnár)(IGA) FF 2011 0792011
Translation of Plays Written in English from the years 1989 - 2009 into Czech (dr. Zehnalová)(IGA) FF 2010 0632011
Innovation of the Translation Theory course (dr. Zehnalová)FRVŠ 22272010
Scottish Prose in the years 1900 - 1980 (dr. Jelínková)(IGA) FF 2011 0032010
New Translation and Interpreting Modules for English Philology Studies (doc. Řeřicha)(ESF) CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07.00722009-2012

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