Invited talk by John Wakefield (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Pondělí 9. prosinec 2019, 15:19

The Department of English and American Studies presents an invited talk by

John Wakefield

titled Intonation is in the lexicon,

held on Monday, December 16, 2019, at 3 pm, in Room 3.16.

In his talk, the author will propose that intonation comprises tonal morphemes that are part of a speaker's lexicon. Just like their segmental counterparts, these tonal morphemes occupy syntactic positions. Based on this idea, he will hypothesize how and where intonation fits into the structure of a sentence.

John C. Wakefield is an Associate Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. He has published works on Cantonese discourse particles and intonation, as well as on sociopragmatics and acquiring Cantonese as a second language. He is the editor of the book Cantonese as a Second Language: Issues, Experiences and Suggestions for Teaching and Learning (Routledge), and is the author of a forthcoming book titled English Loanwords in Cantonese: How Their Meanings Have Changed (HKU Press).

At present, John is a visiting professor at the Department of Asian Studies, Palacky University, Olomouc.