Block seminar lead by Prof. Dr. Bernd Herzogenrath (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

středa 18. duben 2018, 14:41

BLOCK SEMINAR “The audio-visual essay”

October  01-05, 2018 (next term but apply now)

DO NOT MISS! Each year professor Bernd Herzogenrath from the English department at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt  teaches a block seminar on experimental art for our department in early October. So this will take place next academic year in Winter semester.

He brings over a group of German students and hopes to find Czech students who shall participate in the classes and work with them on a project (see below). It is both fun and German quality. The seminar is in English. Do apply ASAP, he needs to plan ahead. See email address below.

 Michal Peprník



This season's topic is the audio-visual essay.

October  01-05, 2018

This seminar is yet another experiment, highly dependent on your  
creative input, technical know-how (how to cut film-clips), and your  
love of film!! If ALL of these are YOUR THING, then WELCOME!!
Usually, film analysis is done in a different medium – writing. Is  
there any alternative? Can we reflect on film thru this very medium  
itself? It is being done – in the form of the audiovisual essay [see  
the websites of Frames or Audiovisualcy], which in a way combines  
formal film analysis with the concept and praxis of the mash-up. Thus  
– let's get practical!!
This seminar should also serve as a kind of ‘ignition’ to spark off  
networking between Czech and German students.


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