Department of English and American Studies

The Department is as old as the re-established university. It started its educational and research activities in 1946 as one of the topmost institutions pursuing the classical model of modern philology, comprising language, literature and cultural studies. This profile has been maintained to the present. In the current European educational context the scope of its interest has been broadened by the offer of applied and theoretically less rigorous programmes, such as English for Translation and Interpreting.

Number of teaching staff: 25

Number of students: BA and MA: 700; PhD: 15

Main research areas:

Language: All fields of English linguistics, particularly experimental phonetics, phonetics and phonemics, formal grammar, functional grammar, lexical semantics, stylistics, lexicology, lexicography, translation studies, pragmatics.

Literature: All fields of English and American literature, with special interests in literature of the American South, African-American literature, Romanticism, Postmodernism, British and American poetry, British and American novel, Irish literature and film, bibliography of American literature, science-fiction, etc.

Cultural Studies: British and American Studies, Irish Studies, Comparative Cultural Studies. 



The Department of English and American Studies offers the following degree programmes taught in English:

Bc. English philology (single-major) 

Mgr. English philology (single-major) 

Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programmes in

1. English language

2. English and American literature


Exchange students: 

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