Fields of Study

Department of English and American studies offers the following fields of study accredited in English


Study programmes at the Department of English and American Studies have a Bachelor’s - Master’s structure. This means that the applicants apply first to the three-year BACHELOR’S study programme, after the completion of which they gain the title of “Bachelor of Arts" (“Bc"). After completing a Bachelor's degree, graduates may continue in the two-year MASTER’S degree programme, after the completion of which they are awarded the title “Master of Arts” (“Mgr.”).

Information about important dates concerning Bc. and Mgr. entrance examinations at FF UP can be found here.

Undergraduate and graduate fields of study accredited in English (tuition fees apply)

Bc. ENGLISH PHILOLOGY (single-major)

A three-year single-major Bachelor programme. The study programme focuses on English Philology (i.e. English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies) and enables individual specialization in the field. After completing studies, graduates can continue  in the single-major Master's programme in English Philology.

Tuition fee: EUR 4,200 per year

Mgr. ENGLISH PHILOLOGY (single-major) 

This is a two-year graduate study programme. The basic requirement for admission is the completion of a related undergraduate study programme in English (a philology or non-philology study programme, as a major or minor subject). A good command of the English language and knowledge of its literature and culture in a range appropriate to an undergraduate study programme in English Philology is expected from applicants. For more information on the admission process, see here.

In the single-major study programme, students may specialise in terms of philological disciplines (specifically in Linguistics or in English/American Literature).

Tuition fee: EUR 2,500 per year

 Doctoral (postgraduate) fields of study (no tuition fees)

Master's degree graduates can also continue studying English and American Studies in the DOCTORAL (Ph.D.) DEGREE programmes in the following fields of study:

1. English Language

2. English and American Literature.


For more information on the doctoral programmes, click here.