Department of English and American Studies

The Department is as old as the re-established university. It started its educational and research activities in 1946 as one of the topmost institutions pursuing the classical model of modern philology, comprising language, literature and cultural studies. This profile has been maintained to the present. In the current European educational context the scope of its interest has been broadened by the offer of applied and theoretically less rigorous programmes, such as English for Translation and Interpreting.


Incoming exchange students can choose any course from the list of courses available to exchange students (see below in the "General information" file), in accordance with the contract between both institutions. They can choose both obligatory and optional courses from the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered by the Department of English and American Studies.

Obligatory courses form the core of each programme (see below) and are usually available every semester. Optional courses enable students to specialise, their syllabi are connected with the research activities of the teachers and the offer varies each semester.

Given the fact that the timetable for the upcoming term changes every semester and is finalised one month before the start of the semester, the common practice for exchange students is to prepare a draft of the Learning Agreement according to the list of courses given below before departure and to modify it according to the updated timetable after arrival. During the first week of the semester, students can visit the courses they are interested in and finalise their LA during the second week. The list of courses must be consulted with the Erasmus Co-ordinator at the Department of English and American Studies.