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Christmas Party will take place on Tuesday 4 December 2018 at S Club.

Preliminary timetable for the upcoming fall semester 2017 is available below.

About the Department of English and American Studies

The Department is as old as the re-established university. It started its educational and research activities in 1946 as one of the topmost institutions pursuing the classical model of modern philology, comprising language, literature and cultural studies. This profile has been maintained to the present. In the current European educational context the scope of its interest has been broadened by the offer of applied and theoretically less rigorous programmes, such as English for Translation and Interpreting.

Number of teaching staff: 28

Number of students: BA and MA: 700; PhD: 40

Main research areas

Language: All fields of English linguistics, particularly experimental phonetics, phonetics and phonemics, formal grammar, functional grammar, lexical semantics, stylistics, lexicology, lexicography, translation studies, pragmatics.

Literature: All fields of English and American literature, with special interests in literature of the American South, African-American literature, Romanticism, Postmodernism, British and American poetry, British and American novel, Irish and Cana¬dian literature and film, bibliography of American literature, science-fiction, British and American Studies, Comparative Cultural Studies.

Research projects:

Language Diversity and Communication is an ESF research and educational project of a team of linguists from the Departments of English and American studies, German Studies and the Department of Romance Languages.

Film and Literature without Borders is an ESF research and educational project of a team of cooperating scholars from different fields of study, such as phi-lology, film studies, sociology, political science and history.

Department Contacts

Postal address: Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University, Křížkovského 10, Olomouc 771 80

During the reconstruction, the department is located at 26 Třída Svobody (show map) (ground floor, show plan), Olomouc

Department Chair: doc. Ludmila Veselovská, tel: +420 58563 3101,
Secretary: ing. Kamila Večeřová, tel: +420 58563 3103, fax: +420 58563 3103,

Erasmus Plus Programme Co-ordinatordr. Markéta Janebová, tel: +420 58563 3131,
email:; office hours: Tuesday 11.15-12.00, Thursday 14.00-15.00

CEEPUSInter-American studies: dr. Mathew Sweney, tel: +420 58563 3131,  email:

 CEEPUS: e-bologna translation studies: dr. Veronika Prágerová, tel: +420 58563 3215, email:

Section Chairs:
Literature: prof. Michal Peprník
Linguistics: dr. Šárka Šimáčková
Translation Studies: Mgr. Ondřej Molnár
Cultural Studies: dr. Pavlína Flajšarová

Contacts and office hours of other members of the department (for the plan of the department, see below in Useful links and documents)


Incoming exchange students can choose any course from the list of courses available to exchange students (see below in the "General information" file), in accordance with the contract between both institutions. They can choose both obligatory and optional courses from the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered by the Department of English and American Studies.

Obligatory courses form the core of each programme (see below) and are usually available every semester. Optional courses enable students to specialise, their syllabi are connected with the research activities of the teachers and the offer varies each semester.

Given the fact that the timetable for the upcoming term changes every semester and is finalised one month before the start of the semester, the common practice for exchange students is to prepare a draft of the Learning Agreement according to the list of courses given below before departure and to modify it according to the updated timetable after arrival. During the first week of the semester, students can visit the courses they are interested in and finalise their LA during the second week. The list of courses must be consulted with the Erasmus Co-ordinator at the Department of English and American Studies.

Language requirements

Please note that all courses form part of degree programmes in English Studies either at the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level. Students therefore need an appropriate level of English language proficiency to be able to follow the courses and pass the exams (at least a B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). A Statement of Proficiency must be uploaded in the online application form.

Erasmus students are not expected to speak Czech. The language of instruction of the majority of courses is English, but in some cases – particularly in translation or interpreting courses – a knowledge of the Czech language is necessary. For further information see the list of courses offered by the department.

Academic Year Schedule

The academic year is made up of two teaching semesters consisting of 13–15 weeks and examination periods (5–6 weeks). Every semester is followed by the main examination period.

The winter teaching term lasts usually from the last week of September until the week before Christmas, followed by an exam term beginning in early January and ending in mid-February. The summer teaching term lasts usually from mid-February until the end of May, and is followed by an exam term which lasts all of June.

Organisation of the Study

The majority of courses last one semester. Courses are divided into lectures and seminars. One class-hour lasts 45 minutes; most of the courses take place once a week and consist of two classes (90 minutes).

Students are obliged to comply with the required attendance policy (usually a maximum of 2–3 absences per semester) and to submit assigned work on time. Assigned work may have the form of oral presentations, reports, written essays, group projects, etc. Students are informed about the form of evaluation and exam requirements during the introductory class for each course.

For more information on the subjects available to students from abroad, see the documents and links below.

Forms of Assessment and Credits

The number of credits awarded by the Department of English and American Studies corresponds to the number of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). Taught courses are usually awarded by three or four credits each. Exams are usually awarded by one or two credits each.  

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (Undergraduate Studies)

1. English Philology

The three-year study includes literary studies (Introduction to Literary Theory, British Literature of the 19th and 20th  centuries, American Literature from the beginnings until the 1st half of the 20th century); Cultural Studies; Linguistics (Phonetics, Morphology, Syntax, Lexicology); and practical English language skills courses. An essential part of the programme consists of optional courses, which enable students to specialise (for the structure of the programme and the offer of the optional courses see below).

2. English for Translation and Community Interpreting (ATP)

The three-year programme focuses on the training of prospective translators and interpreters. As most of the courses focus on translating and interpreting from Czech into English and vice versa, the list of courses available to foreign students is very limited.

Master’s Degree Programme (Postgraduate Studies)

1. English Philology

The two-year study programme includes the study of literature (Contemporary American Literature, Old and Middle English Literature) and Linguistics (Text Analysis, Stylistics, Historical Grammar). Optional courses are again an integral part of study, in which students can further specialise (for the structure of the programme see below).

2. English for Translation and Interpreting (ATP)

In addition to advancing their practical skills in T & I, students take seminars in advanced T & I theory, linguistics, literature and cultural studies. Knowledge of Czech is required.

Phd Programmes

1. English Language
2. English and American Literature

Useful links

Timetable Fall 2017

Presentation for incoming students (18.2. 2017)

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Map of the department and contacts

Faculty coordinator: for the contact, click here. How to get to faculty coordinator's office: click here